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Inspiring Philippines Regenerative Tourism


fresh sightings of Fungie
fresh sightings of Fungie

Restore Coral Reef with Regenerative Tourism in the Philippines

Inspiring Philippines Regenerative Tourism

Join Coral Restoration Foundation™, The Living Planet Aquarium, The Mead Foundation and Atlantis Dive Resorts on a unique, pioneer experience to help restore coral reefs in the Philippines!


Coral Reefs are a fascinating underwater ecosystem, complex and ancient habitats, over 500 million years old!

Often referred to as “rainforests of the sea,” they are a critical component of life in the ocean. Coral reef ecosystems are one of the most biodiverse in the world, inhabiting around 25% of all marine species, including sharks and sea turtles, crustaceans, and schooling fish.

Coral reefs are sensitive to water conditions, which affect their health. They are under threat from various factors, mostly derived by human activity. We have lost more than half of the world’s coral reefs in the last 30 years, and without immediate action, all shallow water coral reefs may vanish by the end of this century.

Understanding the importance of collaborative effort through education, Atlantis Dive Resorts teamed with three incredible NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to bring coral restoration to the heart and core of our activity- OUR DIVERS!

Join us on a fulfilling week at our Dumaguete resort, along with our incredible partners: Coral Restoration Foundation, The Living Planet Aquarium, and the MEAD Foundation and help us build and maintain the largest coral nursery in Dauin

Inspiring Philippines Regenerative Tourism


September 24- Oct 1, 2022


Atlantis Dive Resorts in Dumaguete offers all inclusive dive vacations with the best service. A beachfront tropical resort surrounded by green lush gardens, Atlantis Dumaguete offers divers the opportunity to see unique macro marine life while critter diving on the coastal sites, and visiting the healthy reefs around Apo Island with over 400 documented species of corals (that's 65% of the world's corals!)!

The resort is located in Dauin, the macro capital of the Philippines, with black volcanic sand. There are 25 dive spots 2-10 minutes away by boat from the resort. The diving is mainly on sandy slopes, with some hard coral patches and artificial reef structures (from cars to concrete blocks and even a toilet!), very relaxed diving, spending lots of time on each dive spot, searching for small magnificent critters. It is the frogfish capital of the Philippines, we have 7 different species here, along with blue ring, matoti, mimic and coconut octopus, cuttlefish, star gazers, jawfish, various eels, pipefish and more!

To whet your visual appetite, please visit this link for a short video 

Inspiring Philippines Regenerative Tourism

What Can You Expect This Week 


  • Educational sessions
    • Learn about coral ecology and the unique conservation techniques developed by the Coral Restoration Foundation
    • Learn about coral restoration efforts in the Philippines, using the above techniques, which were brought by the Living Planet Aquarium and the MEAD foundation.


  • Restoration dives
    • Collect broken coral fragments from the reef
    • Placing coral fragments on the nursery trees
    • Maintain already populated nursery trees
    • Plant corals back on the reef **
  • Fun dive at Dauin’s amazing dive sites 

** depends on the development of the existing coral fragments

Have a Blast 

  • Dip in the pool, indulge on a massage the  spa, enjoy renovated spacious rooms, feast on mouthwatering cuisine, and be pampered by professional and friendly staff

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