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Pam Osborn explores Wakatobi’s House Reef


Pam Osborn

A book created by Wakatobi guest Pam Osborn documents the rich and diverse marine life of Wakatobi's House Reef. This visually-stunning work, which was several years in the making, is all the more remarkable because all of the images showcased in the book were created without the use of scuba gear!

Pam devoted more than 1,000 hours of freediving photographs and numerous trips to Wakatobi to curate the material in the new book, which is appropriately titled Wakatobi's House Reef.

Pam and her husband Wayne Osborn are award-winning photographers who consider Wakatobi to be their favourite diving destination. While Wayne has made more than 400 dives on Wakatobi's reefs in pursuit of his photographic goals, Pam prefers the freedom of snorkelling as she focuses on the shallow treasures of the House Reef. Her photographic efforts have resulted in numerous awards and are now on display in her latest book.

Pam Osborn
Pam Osborn's new book

The book begins with a dedication to the Wakatobi Resort staff, who Pam says were indispensable to the creation of this work. She writes that ‘they embody the spirit of marine conservation and truly make a difference. I am grateful for the indulgence of the whole team at Wakatobi in supporting my 1,000-plus hours freediving the house reef. I would like to especially thank Hwee Keng [Maeder] for her friendship and everlasting sense of humour. She makes it a true delight to visit Wakatobi'.

“Wakatobi’s commitment to the health of the ecosystem and the well-being of the surrounding community is impressive,” Pam says. “It’s wonderful to see the very positive impact the resort has for the local economy and marine environment. As a visitor, you feel your money has contributed to the region’s sustainability.”

Pam Osborn
Blue-ringed octopus
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