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PADI launches Dive Stories


PADI Dive Stories

PADI has launched a new podcast, Dive Stories, to immerse audiences in the underwater world, keep them connected to the dive community and inspire them to seek adventure and save the ocean.

PADI will present monthly podcast episodes featuring in-depth conversations with some of the most-inspirational divers in the sport, who share their unique narratives and experiences with listeners around the world.

PADI’s host, Allison Albritton, aka Ocean Allison, discusses scuba, freediving, underwater exploration, travel, conservation, and all things in and around the ocean.

“The dive community is comprised of some of the most passionate, diverse and interesting people on the planet. Their stories have the ability to inspire and entertain and proliferate a deeper affinity for ocean exploration and conservation,” says Kristin Valette-Wirth, Chief Brand Officer for PADI Worldwide.

“When we began planning Dive Stories last year, we had no idea the direction 2020 would take, but realized the need for alternative content platforms to keep ocean lovers connected to the dive community in ways that align with their daily lifestyle.

“Now, with access to diving limited in many parts of the world, we find it more important than ever to provide additional opportunities for divers and water enthusiasts to seek adventure and save the ocean while out of the water.”

The first episode of Dive Stories, now available via popular podcast apps, features a behind-the-lens exclusive with world-renowned conservation photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier.

The duo shares some of their epic and life-changing dive stories, what it means to be each other’s dive buddies from the poles to the tropics, and their fundamental thoughts on ocean conservation, including their work with SeaLegacy and new activation platform, Only One.

Each episode begins with five rapid-fire questions about the guests’ experiences as divers and ocean ambassadors – providing a fun glimpse into some of their favourite memories, thoughts and aspirations.

Host Ocean Allison then dives deeper, discussing topics fundamental to their work, their adventures and their passions connected to diving and the ocean.

Listen now via your favorite podcast app: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher. Subscribe to join monthly conversations with the robust lineup of future guests.

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