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PADI, the world’s largest dive-training organisation, and Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe, the diving industry’s largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety, today announced a partnership to offer professional liability insurance to PADI members in the EMEA territories.

DAN membership will include Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident Insurance with €4 million professional liability cover, per occurrence with cover valid worldwide, all year round. It will also include access to the renowned DAN specialised multi-lingual hotline 24/7, as well as unlimited cover in case of hyperbaric treatment and repatriation. Additional assistance and cover are provided for non-diving medical emergencies abroad (travel insurance).

DAN will be offering PADI Professional members the Pro Silver package for the price of Bronze. A special additional DAN insurance cover for dive accidents involving students attending PADI courses will be included for PADI Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, Basic Freediver, Freediver and Advanced Freediver training courses.

Mark Spiers, Vice President, Training, Sales and Field Services, PADI EMEA, commented: “PADI holds diver safety and education at its core with comprehensive liability protection being critical for dive professionals today. Having insurance coverage when a dive accident occurs during training can make the difference between being properly defended or being financially ruined even when, as is usually the case, you have done nothing wrong. We are excited to recognise DAN’s commitment to diver safety through this partnership.”

Laura Marroni, Vice President, DAN Europe, said: “We’re delighted to assist the large and highly qualified group of PADI Professionals, protecting them as they work hard to transform lives. PADI Pros and their students will benefit from DAN’s experience and expertise in managing emergencies, in their homeland as well as in the world’s remotest places.”

Whether you plan to dive once a year or once a day, DAN membership and scuba diving insurance are just as essential for dive safety as PADI training and dive gear.  Maintaining current liability insurance is not only important risk management, but it is also required in many (although not all) areas in order to remain in teaching status. Although many members feel that liability insurance is only really necessary in the United States and Canada, in recent years dive litigation has become a truly global issue, with dive-related lawsuits being filed in many locations around the world.

Members will also benefit from specialised consultancy services by DAN’s Legal Network, made up of a number of legal experts and lawyers knowledgeable in diving-related disputes.

Insurance is now available to purchase direct from DAN.



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