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PADI AWARE Foundation launches on World Ocean Day


PADI Aware Foundation

In celebration of World Ocean Day today (8 June), PADI has announced the creation of PADI AWARE Foundation. The non-profit public charity is dedicated to driving local action for global ocean conservation, and the new PADI AWARE Foundation shares PADI's mission to expand advocacy and achieve critical ocean conservation goals in the years ahead.

Leveraging PADI's vast membership network of Mission Hubs across the world, the PADI AWARE Foundation will operate as an independent non-profit organisation supported by the PADI brand and organisation.

In support of PADI's mission to create one billion PADI Torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean, the new foundation will build citizen-led conservation and activism programmes, as well as expand current ones, to address key ocean threats, such as marine debris, climate change, marine habitat loss and vulnerable species protection across the planet.

PADI Aware Foundation
Andre Collecting rubbish on a wreck dive.

“Saving the ocean requires all of us around the world acting together in thousands of ways on local and international levels, united by our passion to provide balance between humanity and the ocean across the planet,” said Drew Richardson, president and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “As we enlist PADI Torchbearers and encourage them to become global ambassadors in the movement to save the ocean, it is critical that we provide a clear pathway to action.”

As one of its first projects, PADI AWARE Foundation will launch a Community Grant Programme in 2021, providing much-needed financial resources to enable local ocean protection initiatives hosted by PADI dive centres and resorts, flagged up as ‘PADI Mission Hubs'.

To facilitate and enable localised efforts, today, PADI has launched a PADI Conservation Activities Locator on, empowering divers and non-divers alike to search, discover and engage in ocean conservation activities, events and courses – in and out of the water – with PADI Members across the planet.

PADI AWARE Foundation
PADI's Blueprint Ocean Action Infographic

Through their joint Blueprint for Ocean Action, PADI and PADI AWARE Foundation will work to:

  • Rid the oceans of marine debris: Reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries through strategic partnerships and the PADI AWARE Community Grant Programme
  • Multiply the number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): Protect 30% of the ocean through partner collaboration and expansion of the Adopt a Dive Site programme
  • Protect endangered and vulnerable marine species: Protect 20 vulnerable shark and ray species by deploying in-country conservation campaigns
  • Accelerate coral reef recovery and restoration: Restore 5% of coral reef habitats through citizen science programs and project funding for key coral reef habitats
  • Reduce and offset the carbon footprint of the diving industry: Achieve carbon neutrality across the PADI organisation’s supply chain and mobilise PADI Torchbearers to restore, protect and fund seagrass habitats to offset carbon

“To achieve these goals, we will unite the largest network of dive centres and resorts, dive professionals, and citizen divers the world has ever seen in order to take action as PADI Torchbearers in their communities, linking local action to global impact,” adds Richardson. “The vision for the Conservation Activities Locator tool is to enable divers and other ocean enthusiasts to turn their passions into purpose and bring forward a new era of ocean stewardship and sustainability.”

For more information about the PADI AWARE Foundation, PADI Mission Hubs, or the PADI Torchbearers community and how to get involved, visit

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