PADI and GoPro have announced they will be partnering to help divers share their stories of underwater exploration and ocean encounters.

The brands aim to inspire more divers to film underwater content and create engaging videos. Through the collaboration, tools and tips designed to help divers improve their shooting and editing techniques will be on offer, and in turn, divers will have the ability to create impactful video content for social media.

“GoPro and PADI have a common vision to enable exploration, push boundaries, forge new paths and share experiences through imagery, video and technology,” says Kristin Valette-Wirth, chief marketing and business development officer of PADI Worldwide.

“Together we want to ensure that memories made while diving can be preserved and shared with friends, family and millions of others around the world.”

Christian Scott, GoPro global director of lifestyle marketing, said: “By educating PADI divers on using GoPro for diving, we will make it easier than ever for anyone to capture most of their most memorable dives and share experiences from all corners of the globe.”

We spoke to Gregg Dileo, one of the GoPro team at the DEMA show about the announcement, but they’re keeping finer details of what this partnership will actually involve under wraps. He did said that there will be three initiatives next year as part of the collaboration and one of them is dive shop related.



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