Paddle boarders have unexpected encounter with tuna

Paddle boarders in the Exmouth Estuary had an unexpected encounter with a massive tuna while out enjoying a relaxing paddle.

Derek Johnson's video on YouTube has attracted thousands of views since he posted it a couple of days ago.

Derek and his fellow paddle boarders, who are from a group called the Exmouth Tri-Hards, were out for an evening paddle in the Exe Estuary when they saw ripples in the water and assumed it was a shark or a dolphin. They remained on their boards so they did not disturb the animal, which turned out to be a tuna a good two metres in length.

Derek commented: “It was just really beautiful to see – it's a fantastic fish, but to see one coming for us was something else.

“It wasn't threatening us and just seemed to want to investigate what we were.”

Video courtesy of Derek Johnson

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