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OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Floating in the Ambience

Opening the delivery box, I’m faced with the yellow shell of a complex-looking machine, the AP Evolution rebreather unit. This was to be my...

OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Mae Dorricott, memoires of a mermaid

Let me introduce myself; my name is Mae Dorricott, from a little village in the North West of England, and I’ve always had a...

OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Cave and island paradise

  Towards the end of my year as the Scholar, the diving adventures keep getting more and more exciting. Last month, I was invited to...

OUR-WORLD UNDERWATER SCHOLAR: Patagonian cold-water corals

Our-World Underwater Scholar Felix Butschek: The latest adventure of my Scholarship year was entirely focused on science and exploration. For my latest adventure as the Our-World Underwater...

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