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Underwater Festival

Underwater Festival in the Maldives – and you are invited!

When it comes to getting up-close to Earth’s aquatic life, the Maldives, with its 1,000 pearlescent coral islands and ring-shaped coral reefs, are somewhat...
Swimming Can Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Study Shows Regular Swimming Can Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

As divers, the liberating feeling we get from swimming in the deep is something else. And now a new YouGov study commissioned by Swim...

BDMLR rescue stricken Devon whale

Shortly before midday yesterday, Solent Coastguard were contacted by fishermen off Blackpool Beach, near Dartmouth, on the south coast of Devon, as they had found...

More Brits fly out to help with Thai rescue effort, but tragedy strikes

The contingent of elite British cave divers assisting with the Thai rescue operation continues to grow, with the news that Jason Mallinson and Chris...

The next generation – FREE subscription for all young divers

Bringing new blood into the world of diving is the only way to secure the future of our exciting activity, and hot on the...

Ghost Fishing UK net removal in Plymouth ended with great results

On Saturday, six Ghost Fishing UK team members were joined by Healthy Seas, Milliken and Aquafil to clean up the popular wreck of the...
RNCDA logo

Royal Navy Divers launch JustGiving campaign in honour of Saman Gunan

A heartfelt JustGiving crowdfunding campaign has been launched by The Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association (RNCDA) in the UK to help the family of...
Manta Ray Bay Resort

Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers launch special travel deal

Sitting in your wetsuit and fins in that bathtub filled with warm water? Daydreaming about getting back in the swim and going diving when...

Dead humpback whale washes up on Northumberland beach

The carcass of a juvenile humpback whale washed ashore on a Northumberland beach near Dunstanburgh Castle on Sunday 22 September. According to Howick Coastguard Rescue...

BREAKING NEWS: 34 missing, presumed dead, after California dive boat fire

A massive search and rescue operation utilising helicopters and naval cutters is currently underway in California after fire engulfed a dive boat in the...

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blue jellyfish

Blue jellyfish clog up Israeli power plant cooling system

An invasion of thousands of blue jellyfish clogged up the cooling system of a power plant in Israel - and even threatened to suspend...
Wetpixel Live

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Getting Through Tough Times

Getting Through Tough Times