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New novel Water Crisis: Day Zero takes on freshwater shortages around the world

A new novel by thriller author Eric Douglas is out today and set to land on the bookshelves of divers around the world...


Freshwater supplies are dwindling and refugees from drought, famine and war are straining neighbouring countries around the world. That exists today. But what happens when someone attempts to create water refugees in the United States?

That was the question thriller author Eric Douglas took on in his new novel Water Crisis: Day Zero.

“I became interested in this situation when I read about the situation in Cape Town, South Africa. The city was literally nearly out of water. They tried all sorts of conservation methods, but they were facing Day Zero. The day when there would be no water left to drink. That is a city of nearly four million people,” Douglas said.

Douglas discovered this problem is happening all over the world and has been designated by the United States military as a national security issue.

That’s the backdrop for Water Crisis: Day Zero. A Russian oligarch is attempting to eliminate a water desalination system before he releases a toxin into the water supply in south Florida, potentially throwing the US into turmoil as millions of water refugees head north.

Water Crisis: Day Zero is a full-length novel and the 10th Mike Scott story in the series. Mike Scott is an international photojournalist working on a water story when he gets caught up in the attempts to eliminate the creator of a revolutionary water system and discredit her invention. The story travels the world from Washington D.C to Moscow to the Bahamas and Miami.

The Mike Scott series often focuses on environmental issues. Like all of Douglas’ stories, Water Crisis: Day Zero involves the ocean, action, scuba diving and adventure in beautiful locations.

About the Author

Eric Douglas is an author, photographer and magazine columnist. He is also a diver and a former dive instructor/dive medic. He knows how lucky he has been to travel the world and dive in some of the greatest waters imaginable.

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