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New Head of Raja Ampat Tourism


New Head of Raja Ampat Tourism

Mrs. Ellen Risamasu is the new head of Raja Ampat Tourism

A Word from our General Manager – Krishna Ari Vermeulen

I am proud to introduce the number one person in Raja Ampat tourism, Head of the Raja Ampat Tourism Office Mrs. Ellen Risamasu ST, MT. Mrs Kadispar was born, raised and graduated from high school in Ambon, Maluku and continued her education at UKI Paulus University in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Ms. Ellen Risamasu ST, MT started her career in the tourism sector since starting as Head of the Raja Ampat Tourism Sector in 2018 and in 2022 she was appointed head of the Raja Ampat Tourism Office. When talking with Ms. Ellen, in the very near future the project from the Raja Ampat tourism department is to make a mapping of existing tourism sites in Raja Ampat and create an Official Raja Ampat tourism website that can be accessed by anyone, through this website and mapping people will know more about Raja Ampat tourism besides the sites that are already known by many people.

I'm sure this will bring about a big change where previously travellers sought information from various sources about Raja Ampat for themselves.

Dengan bangga saya memperkenalkan orang nomor satu di kepariwisataan Raja Ampat, Kepala Dinas Pariwisata Raja Ampat Ibu Ellen Risamasu ST, MT. Ibu Kadispar Lahir, besar dan menyelesaikan pendidikan hingga SMA di Ambon, Maluku dan melanjutkan Pendidikan di Universitas UKI Paulus di Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan.

Ibu Kadispar memulai karir di bidang kepariwisataan sejak mulai jadi Kepala Bidang Pariwisata Raja Ampat di tahun 2018 dan di tahun 2022 di angkat menjadi kepala Dinas Pariwisata Raja Ampat. Saat berbincang bincang dengan Ibu Kadispar, ke depannya project dari departemen pariwisata Raja Ampat adalah membuat mapping dari situs situs pariwisata yang ada di Raja Ampat dan membuat website resmi pariwisata raja ampat yg bisa di akses oleh siapa saja, melalui website dan mapping ini orang orang akan lebih mengenal apa saja pariwisata Raja Ampat selain situs situs yang yg sudah di ketahui orang banyak.

Saya yakin hal ini akan membawa perubahan besar di mana sebelumnya para pelancong mencari sendiri dari berbagai macam sumber informasi tentang Raja Ampat.

Krishna Vermeulen and Head of the Raja Ampat Tourism Office Mrs. Ellen Risamasu ST, MT. Mrs Kadispar is excited to welcome all to Raja Ampat.

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Situated in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Meridian Adventure Dive is a PADI 5 Star Resort and winner of the PADI Green Star award. Scuba divers enjoy our professional services that have become synonymous with both the PADI and Meridian Adventure names.

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