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New Art Installation Shows Haunting Reality of Ocean Plastic Pollution


A Singaporean artist is opening the world’s eyes to the impact of plastic pollution with an immersive new art installation that shows how it feels to live in a sea totally covered in plastic waste.

The artist, Tan Zi Xi, has called the installation ‘Plastic Ocean’ and worked with hundreds of pieces of plastic items – from water bottles to shopping bags – known to pollute oceans to create the display.

Tan Zi Xi demonstrates to viewers where their single use plastic eventually goes and how it takes over the habitat of sea life.

Spectators standing in the middle of the display can see how plastic pollution could look from the point of view of a creature of the deep.

The installation has been on show in at the Sassoon Docks Art Project in Mumbai.

Experience the infinity of Plastic Ocean, and be immersed in this man made tragedy. The installation reflects an ocean that is highly cluttered with plastic that takes 1,000 years to degrade. Yes, every thoughtless flick of plastic into your dustbin may contribute to the swirling mass of plastic drifting across our oceans. If we humans have already produced more plastic within the past ten years than the whole of the last century, will this plastic ocean be a microcosm of the future state of our waters? Plastic Ocean is now displayed at the #SassoonDockArtProject here at Mumbai. @startindia @visitsingapore • #PlasticOcean #TanZiXi #singaporeweekender #passionmadepossible #visitsingapore

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