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Navigating new travel opportunities


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Navigating new travel opportunities in the new normal.

Navigating new travel opportunities

As the world is approaching a new normal and travel destinations are opening up again there has never been a better time to get your dive gear wet again. While it may be a daunting undertaking to travel in these times especially with the risks involved with mass tourism a new trend in travel has emerged.

Boutique and tailor made travel experiences may have been around for a long time but now more than ever have they become the most responsible and relaxing way to see the world. Normally one would expect boutique experiences in the more populous areas of the world but now even the more remote bucket list diving destinations are offering truly incredible experiences.

Raja Ampat has always been an incredible diving destination offering amazing diving in a pristine location largely untouched by mass tourism and development, The true last paradise on earth. While this is normally would be the only motivation needed to visit this paradise during the new normal it has become even more of an attractive destination.

Navigating new travel opportunities

Raja Ampat, also known as the Four Kings is spread over a large archipelago consisting of hundreds of islands. The remoteness of these islands make it the perfect holiday destination for those who value their personal space and isolation. Along with the remoteness of the location the local tourism authority has limited the tourism industry to only operate at 50% capacity. Empty white beaches surrounded by crystal clear water and uncrowded dive sites. The perfect diving holiday awaits.

Another reason to visit the area is the incredible boutique experience that awaits you when you visit Meridian Adventure Dive Resort in Waisai. While most of the diving industry is now only making the shift to a more personal and boutique experience, Meridian has perfected it for the last five years.

Meridian Adventure offers an incredible boutique style 30 room resort in the heart of Raja Ampat.

Navigating new travel opportunities

Since the opening of the resort there has been a strong emphasis on offering their guests a comfortable, clean and unique land based diving experience. The Meridian Adventure team has always prided themselves on maintaining high standards of guest experiences and comfort.

The 30 room hotel provides guests with crisp, modern accommodation to look forward to after a day of diving. Including air conditioning, warm water, daily serviced rooms, reliable fast WiFi, swimming pool, camera cleaning stations and even a fully stocked bar and an incredible a la carte fusion restaurant.

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the resort is completely Eco-Friendly in their practices, having even been awarded the coveted PADI Green Star Award for their efforts.

Navigating new travel opportunities

While the list of guest amenities is very impressive what is even more important during the shift to the new normal in tourism is that the highest standards of COVID – 19 health protocols and recommendations are strictly followed. The resort even offers PCR testing for guests in the comfort of the resort. It is the small details like these that truly make your stay stress free allowing you to focus on the important part of your trip, the diving.

Meridian Adventure Dive allows guests flexibility for their bookings and activities while at the resort. Unlike many other resorts or liveaboards that only offer set dates or itinerates the Meridian team are incredibly flexible and accommodating to allow guests to experience their dream holiday. The team are incredibly knowledgeable about the area and are always available to provide guests with the best advice and recommendations for their chosen activities and diving preferences.

Navigating new travel opportunities

While diving any dive site in Raja Ampat will leave you in awe for a long time after you surface, the Meridian team have perfected each dive site. Always diving the sites in the perfect tide and current a practice that is not common in the industry where it is common to dive a site regardless of the conditions because the daily plan or itinerary requires the site to be dived. Along with the impeccable timing of the dives, Meridian Adventure boasts a long list of accessible dive sites including many secret sites. All of these factors provide guests with a personalised diving adventure in the best diving area in the world.

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