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Monty Halls rescues stranded dolphin


Monty Halls rescues stranded dolphin
Monty Halls rescues stranded dolphin

GO Diving Show Main Stage speaker Monty Halls was in full hero mode when he helped rescue a common dolphin that was stranded on mud flats in the Dart Estuary.

Monty, who lives near Old Mill Creek in Dartmouth, Devon, was out walking his dog late-January when he saw a pod of dolphins in the estuary. As he is not used to seeing them that far inland, he knew it was ‘an indicator that something wasn't quite right', and sure enough, closer inspection revealed that one of the pod was stranded on the flats.

Volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) attended the scene, along with the RNLI, and Monty helped them free the mammal from the mud flats, get it into a specially constructed floatation device, and move it out to deeper water. The entire operation took nearly three hours of hard slog, but as Monty said: “It was really life-affirming to know that there are all these good people out there just standing by to help out if things get a bit tough.

“Everyone did a phenomenal job and there was that lovely final moment of just watching the animal disappear down the estuary and towards the horizon.”

See Monty Halls at the GO Diving Show

The GO Diving Show is taking place from 4-6 March at the NAEC Stoneleigh, and is jam-packed with inspirational speakers, including Monty Halls, Andy Torbet and Steve Backshall, interactive elements, a multitude of stands from training agencies, manufacturers, tourist boards, resorts, liveaboards, travel operators and much, much more. Tickets are just £15 for the entire weekend (Friday is trade-only) and that includes FREE parking! Group discounts are also available. Book your tickets now!

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