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Missing lockdown diver found after search by RNLI and HM Coastguard


missing lockdown diver

Despite repeated warnings for people not to go diving during the COVID-19, it seems that some people are above such restrictions. Yesterday, a major search involving the RNLI, HM Coastguard and Royal Navy was conducted to find a missing lockdown diver off Dorset.

Just after 3.20pm, a friend of the diver in question – who was diving without a buddy – reported him missing from their boat near Lyme Regis, prompting Exmouth RNLI to launch. Subsequently, HM Coastguard brought in helicopters from Newquay, Cornwall, and St Athan in Wales to assist with the search, and the Portsmouth-based Royal Navy ship HMS Tyne, the Lyme Regis Coastguard and RNLI crew, and two fishing boats, also joined in the operation.

missing diver

Just after 5pm, the Exmouth RNLI all-weather vessel located the missing diver, who apparently had reached the surface safely, but had lost sight of his support boat.

He was returned to the shore, where both he and his friend were fined by police for breaking the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Photo credit: RNLI

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sean kirby
sean kirby
3 years ago

As soon as I read that Police have fined them I knew this was rubbish. UK police have no power to fine anyone and can only issue a fixed penalty notice. Since the divers have broken no law, I hope they’d be off to court and then sue the police.
Guidelines from politicians carry no weight in law.

Julie Adams
Julie Adams
3 years ago
Reply to  sean kirby

Are you for real?? Laws have been passed and yes, the police do have the power to fine – do you not read the news?
As for condoning this sort of behaviour, I have no words!!😡

Andy Crabbe
Andy Crabbe
3 years ago

Sean Kirby, they are not just guidelines, laws were passed.

3 years ago

Are you for real, condoning such behaviour, putting unnecessary risks on other people to help when you mess up. You should be a shamed. 😡😡😡


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