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All our brands are, independent diving title distributed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta & Gozo, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada. With over over 500+ distribution partners which include dive stores, liveaboards, charter boats, diver centric accommodation, and major mail-order shippers. 

You can be assured that one of our titles is never far away from someone that is passionate about diving.

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By implementing a full print, digital, social and event strategy, we can help you engage with more active divers globally than any other single media outlet.

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We’ll work with you to get your highly targeted message to engaged divers through multiple touch points in an influenceable way, that shows tangible results.

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We’re not scared to say when we think something won’t work. Our team will always work to find a solution that fits your businesses needs.

 If we can’t offer you the best possible solution, we’ll do our best to point you to a company that can. Every partnership needs to be a win/win, otherwise it’s a relationship doomed to fail before it even started.

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Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple and Samsung are all major brands that are household names across the world yet they spend over $10b combined annually on advertising their new and existing products.

Advertising your brand helps build trust and works in conjunction with your own social media activities, product reviews and word of mouth from previous customers to bring you more business.

Only if you can do it in a meaningful way. We suggest you learn where your customer base is most active and focus on three touch points, rather than being a jack of all trades, master of none.

Good content can never hurt your SEO score but it is only part of the journey. The major search engines score the relevance of your content by over 200 factors.

Marketing your business is a long and continuous process and while we can sometimes give you quick wins, usually we’re looking to build a strategy that will build business over the coming year.

Since the dawn of the internet, readers have been changing the way they consume news and information. Its no secret that this has had an impact on print markets, and it’s one of the reasons we offer a free brand to hand model. 

Our printed magazines are still reaching tens of thousands of readers each month, who love a hard copy of the magazine. We also know that by delivering a digital copy alongside the printed product we can allow our readers more flexibility on how they consume our content be that, print, digital, online or socially at a time that suits them and their needs.

If you’re new to marketing do your research, set realistic goals, and budget an affordable monthly commitment you live with for a full year. Depending on what you do, it will take time to build trust with people, and could be up-to a full year before you start seeing dividends on your marketing plan.

We offer all types of print, digital, social and event advertising across our brands. 

We can also run a full service marketing agency if you wish to outsource your buying and media planning activities. Have our team of experts knowing where to place your marketing spend.

There are only two things certain in life – taxes and death!

That being said, we’ve worked with many of our clients big and small for more than a decade. That should give you an indication to the kind of success and relationships we build with our clients.

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