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Mavi introduces Roorka, the first audible freediving computer


What makes the Roorka truly unique is the way it conveys information to the diver. The computer will actually speak out dive information during the dive, so divers do not have to glance at their wrist. They will hear all the information they need during the dive.

Innovation doesn’t stop there with the Roorka. The computer has no buttons, no display, and no wrist strap. The simple cylindrical-shaped device can be clipped onto the diver’s weight belt, or any other location the diver prefers.

The Roorka has a few other surprises up its sleeve.

It has a very high sampling rate, up to ten times per second, with is much higher than traditional dive computers when used in gauge mode.

It can be charged and programmed via USB connection directly from your laptop. Depending on the type of dive you are doing, each dive can be individually programmed. The Roorka has a maximum operating depth of 130 metres, which should make it suitable for all but the most-extreme of breath-hold dives.

The Roorka was created by a Polish company, Mavi Digital Electronics, and was made by freedivers for freedivers. For dives that require meditation-like levels of concentration, not having to glance at your wrist while having all the info you need relayed to you by a human voice could prove to be a great innovation for the freediving community.


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