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MARK EVANS: Iceland’s Silfra dive site lives up to expectations!


The Scuba Diver team were in Iceland with Magmadive (www.magmadive.is) last week, and while adverse weather conditions meant we had to can the humpback snorkelling and a dive to a unique thermal chimney, we were able to log a dive in the iconic Silfra.

Silfra 1

Silfra more than lived up to expectations, and it was bizarre swimming in uncannily clear water that tasted like the freshest spring water you can buy. A bucket list dive for sure, and one that should be a ‘must-do’ for any diver – even if you are a dedicated warm-water diver, it is worth getting your drysuit cert just to do this one dive!

Full story on this and other delights available underwater and topside in Iceland will be in the January 2018 issue of Scuba Diver!

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