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MARK EVANS: First post-COVID-19 dive day at Capernwray


After a period of over three months – the longest I have been out of the water in 20-odd years – I finally got a couple of dives in at Capernwray Dive Centre.



The inland site, near Lancaster, is undoubtedly one of the most-picturesque in the country, and today the weather was absolutely glorious, which only added to the excitement.


Dean Martin from Apeks and Aqua Lung joined me for the dives at Capernwray, and here we are doing a bit of camera fettling before heading to the water.


We were treated to decent vis that ranged from five metres or so in the shallows, to more than 10-12 metres slightly deeper and away from the masses.


Capernwray has got some slick COVID-19 guidelines in place, which are easy to follow and make things safe and simple for both customers and staff.


The monster trout were out in force to welcome divers back into the water (Capers only re-opened yesterday), and we also saw one of the sizable sturgeon that call the quarry their home swimming around the Podsnap minesweeper.


In between dives we relaxed with an ice-cold drink and some proper diver food (double cheeseburger, anyone?) on the outdoor terrace – you can still order all your tasty favourites, you just have to eat them outside, which when you have a stunning view, is no hardship.


Good to see the patented Scuba Diver drying system getting some use!


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