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Luxury skincare brand La Mer teams up with Project Zero


Luxury skincare brand La Mer has begun an exciting collaboration with environmental charity Project Zero, which aims to restore and protect the world’s oceans.

La Mer – which means ‘the sea’ in French – has always had ties to the oceans. The iconic Creme de la Mer moisturiser utilises ocean-sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients, such as fermented kelp. This sustainably harvested sea kelp, which remains an integral part of every La Mer product, is hand-sourced twice a year, and shipped on-ice to the brand’s laboratories to be blended with other natural ingredients.

Now La Mer’s Blue Heart Oceans Fund has teamed up with Project Zero, which continues its decade-long work in marine conservation, supporting protected areas around the world and safeguarding seas, estuaries and lakes from human activity.

Project Zero, founded by actor Jimmy Jagger, has set out to use a new generation of campaigners, including business leaders, renowned scientists and celebrities, to help raise funds for vital marine work, such as restoring fisheries and rebuilding coral reefs and mangrove forests, with a wider aim go ensuring 30 percent of the oceans are protected by 2030.

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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
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