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Launching the DeeperBlue.com Podcast


Long-established diving website DeeperBlue.com is now branching out into a new arena – the world of podcasts.

We spoke to DeeperBlue.com founder Stephan Whelan, who told us some of the background for this new initiative.

“We originally came up with the idea for a podcast a few months ago and spent some time hammering out what the show might be, and what we wanted to say. As the founder of DeeperBlue.com, what has driven me since I started the site was to create a place for those who have a passion for getting underwater, where they could connect and share with others like them. I wanted to make sure the podcast stayed true to my vision of what the DeeperBlue.com community was all about,” he said.

“I decided to team with Jason Elias, the host and creator of another dive podcast, Big Deep, which debuted at DEMA last year with a launch party at the DeeperBlue.com booth. Jason’s show has been received well and we got along immediately, so I decided he would be a great partner to team with on this.

“Thus the podcast idea was born. It has been a lot of work, but we have loved the journey. And we are excited to announce that the podcast will be debuting soon, in mid-May.”


So what is the show?

According to Stephan, ‘the DeeperBlue.com Podcast is your weekly guide to everything happening around the world… underwater’.

He explained: “We’ll keep you up to date on the latest underwater news, trends, equipment and events happening all around the world. And we’ll spend time covering every major way that people get in the water. From scuba diving to freediving… dive travel to the latest in marine science… and regular reports from the front lines of ocean advocacy.

“We’ll also talk to the most-interesting people in the dive world, from world-famous underwater pioneers to fearless modern explorers.

“We’ll discuss the latest in diving innovations from the people who created them… athletes pushing the limits of what we think humans can do underwater… and we’ll speak to people leading the efforts to preserve and protect the oceans we love.

“And we’ll also talk to you… the dive community…. to hear what is important to you.

“And in that way, this podcast will reflect the truly global community we have… that has made DeeperBlue.com so important to the dive world over the last 22 years to today.

“We’ll also move out into the real world covering all aspects of the travel it takes to get to the dive spots we love.  From undiscovered dive spot recommendations to epic exotic resorts… and tropical islands in sun-washed waters. From shark-filled waters off rocky islands… to the blue depths where world champion freedivers train.

“And finally, we will give you our honest opinions and intelligent, unvarnished commentaries on what we think is important in the dive world. You’ll quickly understand that we give you the best 30 minutes about getting underwater.”


Subscribe on your favourite podcast service, so you hear when the DeeperBlue.com Podcast is launched:

Apple >> https://podcasts.apple.com/…/deeper-blue-podca…/id1506257597
Spotify >> https://open.spotify.com/show/0mqWmb0stC2oa8cHuSoSvK
Stitcher >> https://www.stitcher.com/…/big-deep-pod…/deeper-blue-podcast
Google >> https://podcasts.google.com/…


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Mark Evans
Mark Evans
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