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Last spaces available for summer departures onboard Hurricane


Dive the wonderful walls of the Brother Islands and Daedalus on the Simply the Best tour or the fantastic reefs of St Johns onboard Hurricane.

Hurricane stands out in the Egyptian Red Sea – and not just because she is one of the few steel hulled vessels. Many Red Sea liveaboards are compared to Hurricane, but few are as enduringly popular. She has won the prestigious “Liveaboard of the Year” award no less than 6 times (including 2016, 2017 & 2018). This is a testament to the superb crew and guides on board that make diving the southern Red Sea such a pleasure. This is no mean feat and can only be achieved with a vast amount of hard work all around.

Soft and hard corals, fantastic fish life and the chance of amazing shark and dolphin encounters make the southern Red Sea one of the best destinations in the world. Hurry up, there are very few spaces left for this summer, don’t miss this great opportunity.

8th of August, 1 space available, St. Jons 1 £1295

15th of August, 1 space available, Simply the Best £1325

22nd of August, 3 spaces available, Daedalus Rocky St Johns £1450

29th of August, 2 spaces available, Simply the Best £1395

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