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Jill Heinerth launches Maple Proud


Underwater explorer extraordinaire Jill Heinerth, together with husband Robert McClellan, has launched the Canadian brand Maple Proud.

Jill, as well as being an acclaimed underwater explorer, videographer and photographer and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Explorer-in-Residence, is a best-selling author and creative tour-de-force, and her original designs feature strongly in the company’s products.

Jill and Rob started Maple Proud with the mission of bringing creative, high-quality Canadian-made apparel and other interesting products to people who want to support local makers, designers, and artist co-operatives.

Jill said: “It has taken us quite a while to find small suppliers and partners that are based in Canada and use materials that are primarily Canadian-sourced. We think it is important to provide you with high-quality goods, made by well-paid, happy people. Canadian people. Our neighbours.

“If you are wearing our Maple Proud apparel, you can feel good about the way you look, and that you are helping Canadian workers provide for their families in these very challenging times. Yes, we could have sourced our products overseas, and they would have been both cheaper in price and quality – but that wouldn’t be very Canadian of us, now would it?”

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