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Indonesian Dive Industry Health Protocols


Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry

COVID safe Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry

Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry

Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority BLUD UPTD Pengelalaan created a handbook on CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, SAFETY, AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY GUIDANCE FOR INDONESIA’S DIVE INDUSTRY for the ‘New Normal’ post COVID-19 scuba diving practises.

Here is a summary of some of the main practices to be implemented to ensure that international standards of cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability are met.

Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry


  • Handwashing facilities and hand sanitizers are easily available and accessible
  • Infrared thermometers for temperature checks are provided and do not require direct physical contact
  • All staff wear PPE including masks, facial covering, and latex gloves
  • Frequently touched surfaces are properly disinfected at minimum 3 times per day
  • Cashless payment systems are implemented throughout the resort
  • Briefings on COVID-19 risk prevention are given to guests partaking in any diving or recreational Activity
  • The swimming pool water is routinely disinfected and the pH’s levels are tracked and displayed
Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry


  • The boat and dive crew, and guests must wear masks before and after diving
  • The boat and dive crew wash their hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer and must wear clean latex or rubber gloves before touching diving equipment or while giving any service to guests.
  • All diving equipment must be fully assembled before being loaded onto the boat.
  • All divers must use defogger liquid and are prohibited from using saliva to defog their diving masks.
  • Divers must maintain physical distancing of at least one-metre while on the surface and adhere to all guidance issued by DAN
  • Dive crews and dive guides must adhere to recommended safe diving and safe protocol briefings to reduce virus contamination risks, and must consistently implement these protocols
  • All cylinder filling facilities and infrastructure, storage rooms, and the cylinders themselves are routinely and properly cleaned and disinfected before and after using or at least 3 (three) times a day in accordance with recommendations by DAN

Please visit their website for more information –

Health Protocols for the Indonesian Dive Industry

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