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Humpback whale sighted in Firth of Forth


A humpback whale has been sighted in the Firth of Forth

It is believed to be the same animal seen off the Isle of Coll last August.

The humpback whale was first seen on Saturday at Kinghorn in Fife, and was then spotted again on Sunday.

Photographer Greg MacVean managed to snap some shots of its tail and dorsal fin, and whale watcher Lyndsay McNeill said that scratches on its back and barnacles on its fin matched those of the whale seen off the west coast last year.

Ms McNeill, of Scottish Humpback ID, said: “It is very exciting to see the same whale on both sides of Scotland within such a short period of time. Normally they stick to one area.”

Shane Wasik, from Basking Shark Scotland, said he believed it was the first re-sighting of a humpback whale between east and west Scotland.

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