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HOLLIS F2 Fins review


HOLLIS F2 Fins review

The Hollis F2 fins really stand out from the crowd

This is thanks to their unique short, fat blade design, which is supposed to add blade surface on both the downstroke and the upstroke to increase your efficiency with any type of kick.

HOLLIS F2 – Scuba Diving Equipment Test
HOLLIS F2 – Scuba Diving Equipment Test

The Hollis F2 are made via injection moulding using high-grade, heavy-duty monoprene, and are equipped with an integral stainless steel spring strap, with a large thumb loop for easy donning and doffing, which can be adjusted for a fine-tuned fit.

The Hollis F2 fins are by far the shortest fins on test here, yet thanks to their unique design, they generate an astonishing amount of thrust but without a lot of pressure on your leg muscles. The ‘bellows’ – for want of a better word – really do seem to give the fins more power, and you can feel and ‘hear’ them working as you move along.


Due to their short design, they offer plenty of manoeuvrability in tight spots, and you can frog kick, back kick and helicopter turn with ease. The foot pockets are generous, and the robust spring straps make getting them on and o a simple matter.

They only come in black, but with the engraved Hollis logo on the top of the foot pocket, they have a serious, purposeful look – one test team member described them as being very ‘special forces’.


Solidly built, uniquely designed fins with a great performance, comfortable foot pocket and nifty, effective spring strap.

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Stuart Grimshaw
Stuart Grimshaw
1 year ago

Review F2 fin
32 dives purchased 2019 then COVID and this happens, Justin at Hollis/Liquid will give me a 25% discount on new pair but I’m really disappointed in his poor response.
I see your review but really can’t relate to it.

Mark Evans
Mark Evans
1 year ago

Shame to hear you had fin failure with your F2s – one of my test team back in the Sport Diver days bought the pair of these we had for testing after being impressed by them, and they are still going strong to this day after literally hundreds of dives.


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