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Highlights from the DEMA Show: Day Four

With the scuba diving trade show that is DEMA drawing to a close, final gear highlights from the event include The Scuba Pro GO Sport Fin and a limited edition Oceanic mask…


  1. Huish Outdoors Oceanic Shadow mask

Highlights from the DEMA Show: Day Four

Limited edition colours of the Oceanic Shadow mask have been previewed at DEMA, with hot pink, white, yellow and turquoise all featuring. The brand is testing the water with these colours, but the limited edition colours might become a permanent fixture in the range. The colours are also available for the Mini Shadow mask which has a smaller skirt. All Oceanic masks are made with 100% liquid silicon skirts and are designed to be long lasting and conform to your shape. The mask will hit the UK around Spring 2019 and will priced at $79.95.


2. Shearwater Teric

Highlights from the DEMA Show: Day Four

We spent some time chatting to the Shearwater team at DEMA who told us that they take diver feedback seriously, and frequently take it on board to improve their products. Launched in May this year, the full colour Teric dive watch has all of the features that divers are fond of in Shearwater computers but with customisation at its heart.

Highlights from the DEMA Show: Day Four

It also has configurable colours, a new freediving mode, optional multicolour straps, switchable audible and vibration motor alerts (useful for freedivers), air integration capable of connecting with up to two transmitters and bluetooth and wireless charging which means you don’t need custom cables. It comes with a charging dock as standard, but you can also use third party wireless chargers. Unlike the Perdix which has two buttons, the Teric has four. One of them is configurable, so you can set it to act as a compass, a timer, or to tag great locations on your dive – and much more. The Teric is available in the UK for £818.

3. Scuba Pro GO Sport Fin

Highlights from the DEMA Show: Day Four

Evolving from the original bare foot GO Fin, the new boot-fit version of the award-winning GO Fin has been added to Scuba Pro’s line for 2019. It shares the primary design elements of the original GO fin, but the GO Sport (pictured above left) introduces an improved Ergo3 foot pocket which has been re-profiled to accommodate boots. These fins have 100% monprene construction, non-slip heel grips, interchangeable scuba skegs which improve stability and come in a range of colours. These are great for snorkelling or scuba diving, and a Scuba Pro rep told us that these will last for 20 years. The UK on sale date is yet to be confirmed. If you’re looking for something suited to stronger currents though, the Seawing Nova fin might be more your bag.

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