Half Eaten Shark Washes Ashore at Bribie Island.

Bribie Island in Queensland was recently the sight of an unusually and slightly grotesque discovery. A half eaten bull shark was found on a local beach by a group of tourist on a 4WD adventure tour. 

The tour company, G’Day Adventure tours, posted the pictures of the carcass on their website,  saying “Crazy seeing this on the beach today! Something big has had a nice feed on it.”

Others commented on the post with one lady writing. “We’ve been swimming in this water all day and sharks eat sharks!” 

Half Eaten Shark 1

While the imagination of the people who found the dead shark ran wild with possible theories of what could have inflicted such damage on a bull shark, the owner of the tour company, Jason Brown was quick to point out that even though sharks are often sighted around the island “their has been no real shark attack in over 43 years.” 

Professor Colin Simpfendorfer said “it's unclear from the images what killed the shark, it is possible a larger shark could have bitten it, but it could have happened after it died. Many things could have bitten it. One question is whether it happen pre or post mortem, often this type of injury happens after death.


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