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Great White Shark Close Encounter


Snorkellers at Lady Elliot Island treated to a close encounter with a Great White Shark 

Photographer Adrian Bullock received the fright of his life when he had a close encounter with a great white shark while on a snorkelling trip at Lady Elliot Island. Fortunately, he regained his compose and overcame his fears to get some fantastic footage of the magnificent creature.

Great White Shark Close Encounter
Great White Shark Close Encounter

Mr Bullock recalled the incident and was at first concerned for his fellow snorkellers. “I screamed: ‘White shark! White shark! Get out of the water! My heart sunk and I was in a bit of shock at first.

The four-metre great white shark came within three metres of Mr Bullock and is thought to be only the second sighting of a great white shark at the island.

Mr Bullock a regular visitor to Lady Elliot Island added “It’s so amazing, “It got to within three metres of me and I realised then it was either very full or pregnant.”

“I look on it and I enjoyed the moment; it was very emotional, but I can laugh and smile about it now.

“I feel very proud to have been the one to be chosen by the shark to have a swim with.

“I’m not sure anyone really believed me when I first got out of the water, but once they all saw the video they knew exactly what it was.”

Photo Credit: Adrian Bullock

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