Honduras is known for beautiful diving at the Bay Islands. Honduras diving features underwater mountains with dramatic walls, cracks and crevices, the world’s second largest barrier reef, and the chance to swim with whale sharks. Above water there are stunning jungle-covered hills and white sandy beaches to explore.


When to visit Honduras

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What are the main dive areas of Honduras?

There is plenty of variety at the Bay Islands and the islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja are the main Honduras diving areas. With a limited number of Honduras liveaboards operating in the area, the Bay Islands are a peaceful and unique dive destination.


You can explore dramatic drop-offs, trenches, walls, boulder formations and reefs at Roatan. Mary’s Place is one of the most spectacular dive sites to visit. This deep crack formed by volcanic activity has stunning coral overhangs, large sea fans and sponges. All of which has created a haven for seahorses, lobsters, octopi and many colourful fish. The Odyssey and Prince Albert wrecks are also Honduras diving highlights.

Roatan Honduras


Utila is famous for whale sharks, which are often seen at the west end of the island. The north side of Utila has sheer walls and drop-offs teeming with life, whilst the south side has vibrant reefs. Dive the Black Hills dive site for the chance to see a colourful effervescent seamount, or visit nearby Cayos Chocinos for the chance to see Caribbean reef sharks and sea turtles.

Utila diving


Gunaja is the most remote and least-visited of the Bay Islands, located on the edge of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. There are shallow reefs, pinnacles, lava tunnels, wrecks and wall dives to enjoy, plus plenty of pelagic marine life. Take a cruise to Mestizo Reef and you can be face to face with two life size statues of Christopher Columbus and the local chief, Lempira.

Honduras dive

Who is the diving suitable for?

Honduras diving is suitable for everyone, with varying dive depths and dive styles to suit all.


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