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GO Diving Show speaker: Lanny Vogel


Lanny Vogel

TECH STAGE – Lanny Vogel – ‘Unravelling line laying’

Lanny Vogel is a full-time cave diving instructor and, with his wife Claire, is the owner of Underworld Tulum, a purpose-built dive centre in the heart of Mexican cave country with bespoke accommodation for divers.  He is also the founder of Cave Camp, an annual event that brings together divers and instructors from all over the world for courses, presentations, socials and great cave diving.  He is part of the ‘CREER’ line and safety committee in Mexico, a community organisation that works to promote safety, conservation and maintain hundreds of kilometres of cave line in the region.

Lanny has been diving for over 25 years and teaching people to dive since 2003. He first qualified as a technical instructor in 2005 and has been fortunate to train with some of the world’s leading dive educators and explorers. Previously a Commander in the Royal Navy, he retired in 2014 to prevent work getting in the way of cave diving. With many years experience of diving the caves in Mexico in backmount, sidemount and closed circuit rebreather, he now teaches at various cave, recreational and technical levels for IANTD, TDI, BSAC, RAID, PADI and CMAS. He is probably happiest when scootering in epic cave and when not in the water, he can most often be found with a book in one hand and one of a growing pack of rescue dogs in the other.

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The GO Diving Show is taking place from 4-6 March 2022 at the NAEC Stoneleigh

You will be able to catch Lanny’s talk on the Tech Stage at the GO Diving Show on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm-2.45pm. Book your tickets for the ultimate UK diving event – sponsored by Tobago Beyond – right now!

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Tobago Beyond is the show sponsor
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