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Category: Scuba Diving Gear

Reviews of the latest scuba diving gear and equipment

Find out what is hot and new in the world of scuba diving gear and equipment, and read in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive reviews of scuba diving gear from the world’s top manufacturers

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Top 10 Drysuits
Top 10 Scuba Drysuits For 2022

Where I’m from, drysuits are pretty much a staple for diving year-round, and they’re a fantastic tool for a scuba diver for insulation and buoyancy

Top 10 Dive Lights
Top 10 Dive Light Buying Guide

Your dive light is an essential piece of kit, whether exploring a wreck, night diving or just wanting to be seen on the surface, buying

Top10 Scuba Fins
Top 10 Scuba Fins for 2022

Today I’m breaking down ten of my favourite fins right now in 2022 in ten different categories. I’ve focused on more scuba-specific fins instead of

Top Ten Dive Computers
Top 10 Dive Computers 2022

While the gas theory is still essential for advanced diving, dive computers have eliminated the need for divers to rely upon dive tables to work

Suunto Eon Steel Black Review
Suunto Eon Steel Black Review

Suunto has pulled out all the stops with the Eon Steel Black Introduction Suunto has pulled out all the stops to firmly establish the EON

How to Store Scuba Gear
DAN Europe: How to Store Scuba Gear

As Guy Thomas explains, looking after your diving equipment could keep you alive and avoid potential incidents. After reviewing how to best clean and rinse

Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Review
Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Review

Scubapro has had back-inflate BCDs in their line-up for many years, ranging from larger units like the Knighthawk to more travel-orientated BCDs like the Glide

New scuba gear
New scuba gear April 2022

Editorial Director Mark Evans presents a round-up of the latest new scuba gear releases hitting the market in 2022.

Scubapro launches new BCDs

Scubapro has launched two new BCDs, the upgraded Level, and the lightweight and foldable GO travel jacket. Scubapro Level (SRP: £335) The Scubapro Level for

Watch brand upcycles old wetsuits

Reusing discarded materials in diving products is fast becoming a more-regular occurrence, with the likes of Fourth Element and Tecline having products made from recycled