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Find out what is hot and new in the world of scuba diving equipment, and read in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive reviews of scuba diving gear from the world’s top manufacturers



Mark Evans tries out the Otter Britannic II drysuit from Otter Watersports. OTTER BRITANNIC II | SRP: £1,445 MARK EVANS: Otter Watersports is celebrating 30 years...

GEAR GUIDE: Group Test – Regulators from £275-£475

Regulators - Apeks XTX50 (SRP: £434) Apeks has  been a staple in the armoury of many British divers for over 40 years, and the XTX50...
AquaLung Leg3nd

WORLD EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: AquaLung Leg3nd regulator series

In this World Exclusive Review, Mark Evans test dives the AquaLung Leg3nd series of regulators (SRP: £608-£825)   AquaLung’s Legend series has been around for many...
Apeks MTX-RC

Apeks MTX-RC regulator tops the performance charts

Apeks have built a solid global reputation for their high-performing and robust regulator systems over the years, from their TX range, through the ATX,...
Mares Quad Air

Mares Quad Air – It’s CHEAP but is it GOOD

Mares Quad Air The Mares Quad Air has a monster display with jumbo-size digits, and features hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters....
Beuchat Voyager XL

Beuchat Voyager XL Dive Bag Reviewed

Beuchat Voyager XL RRP £189.00 Beuchat Voyager XL reviewed by Mark Evans. This was the bag that came to Aqaba and swallowed a full set...
Aqua Lung Storm

The Storm Fins from Aqua Lung Storm are UNBELIEVABLY Good

Aqua Lung Storm (SRP: £55) Mark Evans: When you are travelling abroad to dive, you are faced with that horrible battle to get all of...
9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2020

9 Best Scuba Regulators in 2020 over £475

As many of our readers dive all year round, we always test scuba regulators in February and March, when water temperatures are at their...
Beuchat Voyager XL

Beuchat Voyager XL – Scuba Diving Equipment Test

All travelling divers need a good dive bag to transport all of their precious diving equipment – and a few clothes – but you...
Beuchat Fcoea Comfort 6

Beuchat Focea Comfort 6 wetsuits

Beuchat has long made some well-regarded wetsuits, and the Beuchat Focea Comfort 6, available in both 5mm and 7mm, is right up there with...

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