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Find out what is hot and new in the world of scuba diving equipment, and read in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive reviews of scuba diving gear from the world’s top manufacturers

Scuba basics

Scuba Basics: How to change a BCD or wing camband

In this latest episode of Scuba Basics, Mark Newman focuses his attention on how to change, or thread, a BCD or wing camband. It might...

WHAT’S NEW: Aqualung Pearl (SRP: £331)

New in 2016, the updated Aqualung Pearl BCD is a wrap-around jacket-style BCD, specifically designed for the female diver. It offers an adjustable waistband and...

The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 3: Dive Proof Logbook

Day three of the Scuba Diver Christmas Gift Guide is here! Next on the list is the Dive Proof logbook - a useful gift that's...

Proposed changes to UK cylinder testing

  The UK recreational and technical diving industry is continuing to lobby against a forced change to a proposed ISO cylinder testing standard. Rosemary Lunn...
Otter Watersports Drysuit Review

Otter Watersports Drysuit Review – Ultralight Telescopic (SRP: £1,445)

Ultralight Telescopic Review Otter Watersports has carved itself a real niche when it comes to well-made, robustly constructed trilaminate drysuits, and this has been built...

The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 4: Momentum Orange Deep 6

Day four of the Scuba Diver Christmas Gift Guide is here! Next up is some nifty wrist-wear - the Momentum Orange Deep 6 dive watch… The ‘over-sized’...

GEAR GUIDE: Group Test – Regulators under £275

APEKS ATX40 | SRP: £225 Apeks has been a firm favourite with British divers for over 40 years, and the ATX40 is the UK company’s...

The Dive Christmas Gift Guide Day 15: AP Diving Custom Hose Tidys

The ultimate personalised gift for divers… Customise your AP Inspiration rebreather (with backmount counterlungs) with your name, nickname or other identifier. The cordura and neoprene...
Mares Quad Air

Mares Quad Air – It’s CHEAP but is it GOOD

Mares Quad Air The Mares Quad Air has a monster display with jumbo-size digits, and features hoseless tank data integration for up to three transmitters....

WHAT’S NEW: Apeks RK3 HD (SRP: £120)

The Apeks RK3 HD fin is the latest in the RK3 range. It is made from a higher-density material than the standard RK3, which...

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