Aqualung Legend LX Supreme (SRP: £489)

The Aqualung Legend LX Supreme is an eye-catching cold-water-approved regulator that features some nifty styling and performance points.
The chunky but compact environmentally sealed, over-balanced diaphragm first stage has two high-pressure and four low-pressure ports, and is equipped with Aqualung’s Auto Closure Device (ACD), which keeps any corrosive water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the Legend LX Supreme is removed from the cylinder valve.

The pneumaticallyy balanced second stage has a heat exchanger to help dissipate the cold, Comfo-Bite mouthpiece and Aqualung’s Master Breathing System (MBS), which sees both the cracking resistance level and venturi positioning controlled with one knob.

The Legend LX Supreme scored highly with all the Test Team members, who were impressed by its smooth, dry breathe, comfortable mouthpiece, efficient purge and slick good looks. The single control knob was easy to use, but the effects were not that noticeable. Well-priced, well-built regulator with a proven history.


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