Apeks MTX-R (SRP: £529)

The Apeks MTX-R is the ‘civvie’ version of the military-spec MTX, and this regulator – designed for extreme cold-water use – looks super-smooth in its classy iPhone white and matt-silver with engraved stencilling.
A first-of-its-kind over-moulded first stage end cap and environmental diaphragm prevent ice build-up, and the forged body gives maximum thermal performance.
The second stage has no dive adjustment controls, has a patented heated exchanger surrounding the valve mech- anism, and is equipped with a double-swivel braided hose.

At this price point, you’d quite rightly expect all the regulators on test to perform well, but the MTX-R managed to shine brightly even in this thoroughbred field. Each of the Test Team commented that this regulator provided the smoothest, driest breathe, and were all very complimentary about the construction and looks of both the first and second stages. Positive comments were made about the lack of controls – it just works well out of the box, there is nothing to fiddle with – and the comfort of the ComfoBite mouthpiece.


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