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Fungie still missing, despite media reports of sightings


Mainstream and social media has been flooded with tales of fresh sightings of Fungie, the popular Dingle dolphin which was last seen six months ago.

Sadly, it appears to be false hope, as the official Facebook page for Fungie has categorically stated that the dolphin that has been seen interacting with boats 30 miles off the Old Head of Kinsale in Co Cork is NOT Fungie.

Fungie was a fixture in Dingle Bay for over 30 years, and annually attracted thousands of tourists to the area, who would delight in his antics, leaping and jumping alongside boats.

He was famous as being the world’s longest-living solitary dolphin, and while he was an elderly animal, his sudden disappearance in October last year devastated the local community.

Many believe he just died of old age, but as no body was ever found, theories he found a mate, or went out to sea to feed, have continued, and many hold on to hopes he may one day reappear.

Which is why reports of a friendly dolphin off Co Cork sparked tales of a returning Fungie. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the situation, and the case of the missing dolphin remains open.

Photo credit: Facebook

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