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Scuba Diver App

Scuba Diver magazine – be that the UK edition, the North America edition, or the Australia and New Zealand edition – is now available to read at your fingertips on your smartphone via a nifty new app.

We all know that reading a simple page-turner PDF version of a magazine on a tablet or laptop/desktop PC is quite user-friendly, but the same can’t be said on a smartphone – quite frankly, reading PDFs on a phone is not a pleasant experience at all.

Now, thanks to some digital magic, users can enjoy reading all of the content of their favourite diving magazine in an interactive, simple-to-use format which can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or desktop device as an app. Follow the simple Installation Instruction and subscribe to Push Notification so you know when each issue is ready to read.

Installing the app on your device
Push Notifications

Your digital pass and the new app are two separate databases, so all current subscribers will shortly receive an email with an access token. This access token will allow you to log in to your account on the app. We suggest you keep the email safe, or go to My Account > Edit Profile and add your own password. You are limited to one device login at a time.

If you don’t already have the digital pass, click here to signup – it will cost you £3 per month and give you access to the latest issue of all three editions. You will also be able to remove the Google Ads from our website, offering a cleaner, less-distracting reading experience.

Don’t worry, though, because we only lock the latest issue, so you’ll just need to wait 30 days to access the latest issues for free. You can check out the Ultimate Divers Guide, which is our super-cool annual magazine on the new app and is free for everyone.

About Ultimate Divers Guide


The 2023 annual – titled 40 Dives to Do Before You Dive – aims to give you some fresh inspiration for where your next diving adventure might take you, by focusing on a rich selection of bucket-list dives, those dives you really have to tick off in your logbook before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Whether you are a devotee of colourful coral reefs, a thrill-merchant looking to board the next exhilarating drift dive, a lover of epic dives along abyssal walls, a techie seeking the next cave or cavern to explore, or a wreck-ferret with a lust for rust, you will find plenty to take your fancy – and you never know, you might just stumble across a location or dive site that fires your next diving addiction in the world of diving.

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