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From Seabed to Ben Nevis: Fundraising Divers Tackle Walk in Vintage Diving Suit

A team of divers plan to walk from the seabed to the summit of Ben Nevis while wearing a vintage diving suit in this epic fundraiser.


Fancy diving in an 80kg vintage dive suit and then trekking up Britain’s highest mountain afterwards?

A team of divers plan to take on this challenge for charity, walking from the seabed to the summit of Ben Nevis while wearing a vintage diving suit.

On Saturday the mission will take the relay team from the starting point of 5m underwater in Loch Linnhe at Fort William, continue for four or five days, and reach its final point on the summit of Ben Nevis.

The team attempting the challenge is comprised of Royal Navy divers and civilian volunteers who will each take it in turns to don the 80kg dive kit which dates back to before and during World War Two.

The group aims to raise funds for the Historical Diving Society, Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and the family of former Thai Navy diver Saman Kunan, who died while assisting in the rescue of a football team and their coach from flooded caves in Thailand earlier this year.

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Ginge Fullen, a former Royal Navy clearance diver, created the Sub Sea to Summit challenge.

He holds Guinness World Records for the first person to climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe and in Africa, and completing the highest peaks in Africa in the fastest time.

Mr Fullen told the BBC: “I wanted to do an expedition so challenging that it will probably never be repeated again. After meeting Ty Burton from the Historical Diving Society, we joined forces to make this challenge happen.

“It will be hard going to make it to the summit of Ben Nevis, but knowing we are raising money for such good causes will keep us going.”

The Underwater Centre and The Subsea training and trials centre is supporting the walk.

Those wishing to support the team can visit their Just Giving page.

Photos courtesy of The Historical Diving Society.

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Lorna Dockerill
Lorna Dockerill
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