Oceanwear brand Fourth Element has introduced their updated wetsuit system, Thermocline.

Dubbed as ‘next generation oceanwear’, the original neutrally buoyant wetsuit system named Thermocline is lightweight, machine washable and equivalent to a 2mm neoprene wetsuit, without the wetsuit, making it ideal for those allergic to neoprene.

Thermocline utilises a unique fabric made using ECONYL® recycled nylon from ‘ghost’ fishing nets, which is laminated with a waterproof membrane and thermal fleece.

The range, which is part of the OceanPositive collection, is now available from Fourth Element dealers after originally being announced at the DEMA Show in 2017.

The key features of Thermocline as stated on the company’s website are as follows:
– Neoprene free
– Outer contains 78% recycled Nylon
– Lightweight
– Wind and waterproof fabric
– Breathable
– Neutrally buoyant
– Machine washable
– Equivalent of 2mm neoprene

For more information head on over to the Fourth Element website here.



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