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Explore Egypt with Red Sea Safaris


Red Sea Safaris

Red Sea Safaris is the latest brainchild from Egypt-based Brit Lee Taylor-Watson, who has previous experience of personally running a liveaboard in the country, is the creator of The Scuba News website, and has loads of connections throughout the Middle East.

Lee explained: “The aim of Red Sea Safaris is to help you explore the best of the Red Sea at the best possible prices. Working directly with boat owners, tour operators and travel partners, combined with over 20 years experience of providing diving in the Red Sea, the Red Sea Safaris team can help make your dream Red Sea Safari a reality.”

He continued: “Unlike a typical tour operator, Red Sea Safaris is not a faceless venture with no experience of the Red Sea. Being based in Egypt, and knowing all of the relevant players, we can put together packages, trips or charters that others can't.

“Taking care of all planning, logistics, equipment needs and even food requirements ahead of your arrival, will take the stress out of trip planning for you. This leaves you to focus on enjoying some great Red Sea diving.

“In addition to great Red Sea Safari options for individuals or small groups, the Red Sea Safaris team are specialists in dive club or larger group bookings. We can help you locate the best boat for your needs, combined with the best route and itinerary to suit your diving appetites.”

“Over the coming month I will be adding over 100 available boats to the Red Sea Safaris website. This will give you access to more options, more locations, more itineraries and more budget possibilities than anywhere else.”

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