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DiveShack takes Great Yorkshire Show by storm


The Great Yorkshire Show is an annual event which attracts people from all over the country, and even with COVID-19 restrictions in place, some 26,000 visitors were expected over the four-day show.

Harrogate-based dive centre DiveShack have had a stand at the show, which finishes tomorrow, and by all accounts have been inundated with people wanting to find out more about scuba diving.

DiveShack founder Tim Yarrow said: “The idea was to reach a demographic of complete newbies which you wouldn’t get at something like a traditional dive show. To be honest, we had zero expectations, but actually, we’ve made a great connection with new interest, and had a surprisingly high interaction from the typical ‘did my PADI ten years ago’ crowd, who are keen to get back involved.

Great Yorkshire Show
Scuba Diver magazine front and centre on the DiveShack stand at the Great Yorkshire Show.

“My request to staff was don’t let anyone leave without three things – my business card, a copy of Scuba Diver magazine, and a sign up to the newsletter list on the iPad.”

He continued: “There is a definite keenness in the public to get things going again and a bounce back will happen – it just needs patience. So all in all, a good try out. If we have another good two days, a conversion of 50 percent to a try dive at worst, with a 50 percent conversion of them to OW – job done.

“It will have been worthwhile and next year, we will be back – and COVID permitting, doing trydives like at the GO Diving Show. But maybe in a sponsored slurry tanker – it is an agricultural show, after all!”

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