Are you ready to embark on – Dive Odyssey?

After many months of waiting, the ethereal ten-minute short film Dive Odyssey, which was shot in the Ojamo mine in Finland and seamlessly blends elements of sci-fi and diving, is here! Shot by Janne Suhonen and starring Andy Torbet and Gemma Smith, with assistance from the likes of Richard Stevenson, Aron Arngrimsson and Phil Short, it is an amazing project – and something which is taken to another level when you consider the conditions it was shot in. Grab yourself a coffee, unwrap a few biscuits and immerse yourself in another world for a while…

Andy, Phil and Gemma are among the 60 speakers at GO Diving on 23/24 February 2019 – book your tickets now, save money and go into a prize draw!

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