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Dive local with Scubapro


Why go far away when first-class dive spots are waiting right on your doorstep! Scubapro’s new Dive Local programme focuses on just that – the best dive spots in your region!

The new Dive Local programme was developed to put more focus on diving locally. Professionals from the industry present the best dive spots in their region, including practical tips on how to get there, diving season, equipment, training and dive stores that make an unforgettable trip there possible. The range goes from dive sites in lakes, rivers, dams and a mine to unique coastal spots!

Already on the website are the Farne Islands and Chesil Cove in England, and Oban in Scotland, as well as Karaburun in Izmir, Turkey, Tenerife in Spain, and Plavnik in Croatia.

Another advantage – the latest diving equipment can be tested and dived in, so the active diver stays in training and is optimally prepared when it’s time to travel again.

The Scubapro Dive Local programme is constantly updated with new spots, so it’s worth staying tuned!

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