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Dive Into Regenerative Travel


Dive Into Regenerative Travel

Kokomo Private Island is leading the charge in regenerative travel

A year spent in our own homes has contributed to adjusted travel priorities and a desire for cause-based and conservation-driven travel where vacationers can enjoy more of the world’s natural resources. As we look towards Earth Month in AprilFiji’s most exclusive private IslandKokomo Private Island, offers guests a chance to explore the underwater world and dive headfirst into regenerative travel.

Dive Into Regenerative Travel

With growing global awareness of threats to the environment, Kokomo Private Island, is leading by example in its endeavour to embrace the new frontier of tourism by joiningRegenerative Resorts––a consortia of leading and independently owned eco-luxury hotels & resorts seeking to advance crowd-free, conscious, and planet-friendly travel habits through the lasting impact of regenerative travel; ultimately leaving a destination better than you found it.

Among their most important environmental assets is the Great Astrolabe Reefthe 4th largest reef barrier in the world–situated right next to Kokomo, allowing  guests to deeply fall in love with the ocean (and ocean conservation), through the private island’s unparalleled diving program.

Direct access to both the western and eastern sides of the reef, gives Kokomo exclusive entry to dive sites that are not frequented by other island resorts. With the opportunity to explore at their leisure with no distractions from the outside world, diving options include shark encounters, manta reefs, cave and cavern exploration, deep dives, submerged pinnacle sightings and more.

For those looking to take their diving to the next level, PADI certifications are available through Kokomo’s 5 Star PADI Dive Center run by their world-class dive team. Committed to creating passionate and safe divers, Kokomo’s open water focused course is a combination of theory and practical tasks that adhere to PADI standards and offer guests an enchanting opportunity to swim with magnificent sea creatures from Tuna and Turtles to Blue Ribbon Eels and Schooling Jacks.

With a rise in Regenerative Travel, Earth Month is something that all eyes will be on this year, and Kokomo is making incredible strides in how an exclusive luxury resort can use their platform to create positive and lasting change to better preserve our planet for future generations to enjoy. With a passion for conservation, Kokomo continues to prioritize preserving the environment, and celebrating the natural wonders surrounding the 140-acre island.

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