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Dive & Dig podcast celebrates technological advances in maritime archaeology


Dive & Dig

Dive & Dig is a five-part podcast series by the Honor Frost Foundation which is fronted by award-winning historian and author Professor Bettany Hughes and maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue.

Technological change over the last few decades has dynamically altered the way we are able to detect, access and document the remains of our past that lie beneath the waves. Dive & Dig podcast will take you on an underwater adventure of discovery, richer and deeper than you might have imagined possible. Join Bettany Hughes and Lucy Blue to explore the exciting worlds underwater archaeologists inhabit and the range of tools they use to investigate the watery past. They invite you into the hidden world of our shared, ancient past, thanks to maritime archaeologists, forensic scientists and groundbreaking technologies.

Over the coming weeks, listeners will join Dr Timmy Gambin on location in Malta to hear how his team is diving 110m below the sea to excavate an ancient Phoenician shipwreck; learn about the cannabis-smoking Phoenician rowers who powered the 3rd century BC Marsala Punic wreck found 50 years ago by Honor Frost, a pioneering women maritime archaeologist who excavated the ship; discover how cutting-edge forensic techniques used in criminal investigations can examine remains and artefacts to reveal the secrets of the ancient past; listen to Philippe Cousteau describe how the aqualung, co-invented by his grandfather Jacques Cousteau, made the underwater world more accessible and changed exploration of the water depths forever; and hear how Robert Ballard, known for discovering the wreck of the Titanic, is exploring the vast ocean depths with advanced deep submergence and telepresence technology.

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