Scuba diving trade show DEMA is in full swing, with day one seeing some awesome new gadgets and releases. Here’s a run down of some of the products crowds are getting their hands on at the show this year.

  1. Seabob F5 SR

DEMA Scuba Diving Trade Show Round-up: Day One

This is a water sled that your friends will want to steal. The Seabob F5 SR is the most powerful watercraft in the Seabob F5 series, and with 745 newtons, the E-jet power system produces a strong propulsive force. The engine is power controlled in seven levels, so you can cruise through the water in a low gear or feel the need for speed in the higher gears. As standard, it comes with the Seabob Camsystem with two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a WiFi transmission module. Rear fins offer improved manoeuvrability, and its underwater speed is 20km/h – almost 1m per second! Retails at $17,480 USD and is available in multiple colour options.

2. iBubble

DEMA Scuba Diving Trade Show Round-up: Day One

As the world’s first autonomous diving drone, first impressions of the iBubble are that it’s come on leaps and bounds since we first caught a glimpse of it last year. We’re pretty sure that if you bought one of these, everyone on your dive trip would want to take it underwater and test out its spec. And since the company told us that they have three years of development plans, we think we’ll be hearing a lot more from iBubble. Orders will start shipping from next week. Prices start at 4,000 euros.

3. Reef Safe and Sun Safe Snorkelling with TUGA

DEMA Scuba Diving Trade Show Round-up: Day One

With some countries taking a stand against ‘reef toxic’ sunscreen, this product offers food for thought when it comes to sun protection. Plangea Inc’s TUGA brand announced the launch of a new eco-friendly line of snorkel/swim wear at the show. It’s been designed to make snorkelling safe for both the wearer and the coral reef, offering UPF 50+ sun protection and high body coverage that reduces the amount of sunscreen needed by up to 90%. The line includes a fish ID shirt with the names of 10 of the most common reef fish in locations such as Hawaii and the Caribbean, making it fun and educational – particularly for kids. The fabrics are made from 78% recycled nylon obtained from recovered abandoned fishing nets and buttons are made from natural coconut shells. Prices start at $38.

4. Universal Fit RegMount

DEMA Scuba Diving Trade Show Round-up: Day One

New for 2019, this gadget provides scuba divers with the option of adding a camera, light or both to the second stage regulator or full face mask without adding any additional weight. Plus, you have the option of 360 degree positioning for the perfect setup. The RegMount Buoyancy Assistance Device (BAD) offsets the weight of added accessories, rendering them neutral to positively buoyant when submerged. The extender arm allows divers to choose the ideal camera or light position for the best possible angle, while ensuring the added accessories are in a low-profile safe position. It works with all versions of GoPro cameras or similar action cameras. Retails at $34.95.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the DEMA show. 


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