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DEMA launches virtual ‘DEMA Show Online’


The industry stalwart DEMA Show – the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association’s annual event due to be held in New Orleans this November – was just one of many large-scale conventions to fall victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, DEMA has now announced that there will be a brand-new, virtual event that aims to provide the dive industry with the same opportunities to connect, learn and grow.

DEMA Show Online is set to feature an extended virtual education series, as well as a four-day ‘trade show’ and networking event.

The DEMA Show Online’s educational series will start on 15 September, and run through November. You will have to register to take part, and there will be different educational opportunities each week.

From 17-20 November, there will be the four-day virtual trade show and networking event. This will have much we have come to expect at the DEMA Show proper, including opportunities to network with exhibitors, DEMA-sponsored education sessions, exhibitor-sponsored education sessions, New Product Showcase, the 2020 DEMA Member Meeting & Update, 2020 Diving Community Champion Presentation, Wave Maker Award Presentation, and much more.

A complete schedule and registration options will be posted soon. To find out as soon as it’s released, subscribe to DEMA’s weekly DEMAIL.

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