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Deepblu’s Dive Like A Pro 2: Submit Pro Certifications, Go to Fiji


Deepblu has launched a new contest for pros, Dive Like A Pro 2, offering the chance to win an all-inclusive dive holiday to Fiji, plus Shearwater gear.

For those who missed the first one, in which ten pairs of COSMIQ dive computers were up for grabs, here comes another quick, easy chance to win.

The company has teamed up with Shearwater Research and Taveuni Dive Resort and the grand prize winner of the new drawing will be headed to Fiji for an all-inclusive dive holiday at Taveuni Dive Resort.

The prize includes airfare of up to $3,000USD to and from the island, five nights stay at the resort (a value of $6,000USD), and three days of diving, which includes six tanks. The lucky dive pro will also be receiving a Shearwater Petrel 2, which can be used with the Deepblu Connect feature to seamlessly upload dive memories to the app.

The winner of the trip will also be featured in a Deepblu Diver Spotlight, a great way to build their online presence in which the team at Deepblu will interview them about subjects such as their expertise, their favorite spots, and their Fiji dive getaway.

In the spirit of the current global trend of sequels, Deepblu is taking what clicked the first time around and making it more exciting and action packed. But divers don’t have to drop big bucks at a movie theater to catch this sequel, in fact, they don’t have to pay anything at all. Just submit a pro certification, wait for Deepblu to validate it, and once a “Pro” badge is displayed on your user profile you’re entered to win. After this, a dive pro’s number of entries can continue to accumulate, as with each dive log the pro verifies from a unique user they get another entry to the drawing. There’s virtually no limit to how many times a dive pro can enter to win.

For those who don’t take home the grand prize, there’s plenty more that’s being given away. The runner-up will receive a Shearwater NERD 2, a near-eye remote display computer that is “rebreather tested, recreational requested.” Third, Fourth, and Fifth place winners will get a Deepblu COSMIQ Dive Computer, the flagship device of the Deepblu brand. Another ten entrants will take home unique Deepblu quick-dry towels.

With so much to give away, and absolutely no risk to the user, enter today. Get certified, get validating, and if you’re lucky, get to Fiji. Dive in one of the best dive destinations in the world. The contest runs November 15 until January 5.

Join now: https://goo.gl/Sr4SLD

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