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DDRC Healthcare launches lung survey



It is 15 years since DDRC Healthcare started the ‘Health of Divers’ project and in that time, they have covered a vast array of subjects from drugs and alcohol to cancer and weight. During that time, the findings have been regularly presented internationally, awarded a prize and the results published in seven papers.

Now, at the request of a number of divers and health professionals, DDRC are turning their attentions to lungs.

Having healthy lungs is an essential and important part of good diving and never more so since the out-break of COVID-19.
So, this latest study is all about you, the diver and your lungs! DDRC want this study to focus on vaping, asthma, IPO (Immersion Pulmonary Oedema) and COVID-19.

Chamber at DDRC Healthcare

Vaping has been in the news a great deal recently due to teenage use of vaping, but many of you will have been smokers in the past and perhaps given up with the help of vaping. Or have you taken up vaping? Are you a past smoker? Do you suffer from asthma but dive? What do you know about IPO? And most importantly, DDRC would like to know if you have had COVID – nearly everyone has, if so how many times, have you been vaccinated and how has COVID affected your diving activities?

For those of you who have taken part in DDRC studies before, you will know that there will also be the usual general health questions and the diving demographic questions too. Please ask your dive club/school members to take part in this latest DDRC Healthcare's Health of Divers project.

It is important to stress that this survey, like all the others in this project, are completely anonymous and therefore will be totally untraceable to you.

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